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A Glimpse of Candy

3 Feb 2016 – Candy joined the FAL team in October of 2011. Since then, she has been an integral part of the Outreach and Intake team helping active addicts seek treatment. Her contributions to the betterment of FAL program attendees are in themselves a testament to FAL’s work. The following are questions with responses from Candy.

What first brought you to attend the FAL program?

Before I came to Free At Last I was living a life filled with drugs, and I had no direction.  Because of my addiction, I had lost custody of my children and became isolated from my family.  

How does your life then compare to your life now?

Today, I live a clean and sober life. I have a relationship with all of my children and my family is very supportive of my new positive approach to my life.  

What is your work at FAL like?

At Free At Last I am an Outreach Worker and the Intake Coordinator.  I get to help people who are actively living the drug-filled life and are addicted, by providing information, education, community referrals and entrance into treatment.

What are your thoughts when you reflect on your last eight years of clean life?

Being clean is the best gift I could have ever given myself and my family. Free At Last saved my Life and I am forever grateful.
Thank you, Candy, for sharing your success and for all your efforts at FAL.